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학술대회 Photoreflectance Characteristics and Photovoltaic Performance of CBD-CdS/Cu(In, Ga)Se 2 Thin-Film Solar Cells
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최해원, 정용덕, 조대형, 안병준, 송정훈, 이규석, 김제하
Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) 2011, pp.1259-1261
10MB7600, 고효율 장수명 Flexible CIGS 박막 태양전지 및 모듈 양산기술개발, 김제하
We have investigated the photoreflectance characteristics and the photovoltaic performance of Cu(In, Ga)Se 2 (CIGS) thin-film solar cells that have CdS layers prepared by chemical bath deposition (CBD). The CdS was deposited on CIGS by three different conditions. (I) CdSO 4 0.014 M, thiourea 0.014 M, NH 4OH(30%) 60 ml, (II) CdSO 4 0.0015 M, thiourea 0.074 M, NH 4OH(30%) 56 ml, and (III) CdSO 4 0.0015 M, thiourea 0.05 M, NH 4OH(30%) 80 ml. The efficiencies of the solar cells fabricated in processes I, II, and III were 12.17 %, 14.47 %, and 14.97 %, respectively. Quantum efficiency spectra of the solar cells in the region of the CdS band gap showed consistent results with photoreflectance observations. The photoreflectance spectra of the solar cells indicate that different states were formed in CdS depending on the conditions of CBD processes. © 2011 IEEE.
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Band gap, CdSO 4, Chemical bath deposition(CBD), Different conditions, Quantum Efficiency, Thin film solar cells, photovoltaic performance, thin film(TF)