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학술지 A Hollow Assembly and Its Three-Dimensional Network Formation of Single-Crystalline Co3O4 Nanoparticles for Ultrasensitive Formaldehyde Gas Sensors
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김재영, 최낙진, 박형주, 김진모, 이대식, 송현준
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, v.118 no.45, pp.25994-26002
American Chemical Society(ACS)
The detection of formaldehyde at a very low concentration is a significant research topic, due to its detrimental impact on human health. In the present study, we fabricated a hierarchical structure by the rational assembly of single-crystalline Co3O4 nanoparticles. A hollow morphology using sacrificial ZnO spheres could form a three-dimensional conducting network in a solid state. The resulting structure was selectively active for formaldehyde sensing, and the detection limit was 50 ppb, which was nearly close to the record-high value among the other semiconducting materials. Such superior properties were attributed to the regular, hierarchically assembled structures with a small crystalline domain size, a thin hollow morphology with a large surface area, and a three-dimensional conductive network with a narrow diameter. We believe that this hierarchical assembly can show great potential as a platform for improving human health through the monitoring of indoor environments.
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Conducting network, Conductive network, Crystalline domain size, Detection limit, Formaldehyde gas, Hierarchical Assembly, Indoor Environment, Large surface area, Low concentration, Single-crystalline, Three dimensional(3D)