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학술대회 Trusted CPS Server Discovery Mechanism in the Insecure Cloud Networks
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박종열, 이승윤
International Conferences Control and Automation (CA) / Circuits, Control, Communication, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, System, Signal, Simulation (CES3) 2011 (CCIS 256), v.256, pp.160-168
11PE1100, 차세대 IPTV 표준개발, 강신각
In mobile cyber-physical systems, the execution program of physical system including remote robotics should be a flexible and self-manageable to control behaviors from remote system. However, the physical system is not safe in the view point of security because we assume that the physical system can be infected by a malicious people. Since the core program should be protected and we have to guarantee the secure connection between CPS client and CPS server. This paper addresses the security issues regarding remote code such as CPS client. In addition, we propose the CPS server discovery mechanism based on the secure group management for cloud based CPS system. © 2011 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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Cloud network, Cloud-based, Group management, Mobile Cyber-physical Systems, Remote System, Secure Connection, Security issues, Server discovery, View Point, cyber physical system(CPS)