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학술대회 1.9MHz Wireless Power Transmission System Using Coupled Magnetic Resonance
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김성민, 조인귀, 문정익, 윤재훈, 변우진, 최재익
International Conference on Microwave Radar and Wireless Communications (MIKON) 2012, pp.519-522
12PR3200, 100W이하 RF에너지 전송 및 재생기술개발, 조인귀
In this paper, a 1.9MHz and 60W wireless power transmission system for a fishing port using coupled magnetic resonances is presented. The proposed wireless power transmission system consists of the 130W class-F power transmitter, two magnetic resonance couplers and 30W full bridge diode rectifier receiver. The transmitter is composed of DDS(Direct Digital Synthesizer) block, class-F power amplifier and communication block to implement the frequency searching and power control function. Two magnetic resonance couplers are designed with a small spiral resonator. The diameter size of the spiral coil is 30cm(1.8{\\lambda}/1000). The receiver is composed of full bridge diode rectifier, overvoltage protection (OVP) with active dummy load, DC to DC converter and communication block. For the power control scheme, a communication block is embedded in the transmitter and the receiver. Using the communication block, the message about the error value of the received power is sent by the receiver to transmitter and the transmit power is controlled by transmitter using the received message. The power consumption of the fishing port is about 30W and the total power efficiency of this system is about 40%. © 2012 IEEE.
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Class-F, Control functions, Coupled magnetic resonances, DC to DC Converter, Diode rectifier, Full-bridge, Magnetic resonance(MR), Overvoltage Protection, Power Consumption, Power Efficiency, Power control(PC)