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학술지 Non-Uniform Sampling and Wide Range Angular Spectrum Method
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김용해, 변춘원, 오힘찬, 이재원, 피재은, 김기현, 이명래, 류호준, 추혜용, 황치선
Journal of Optics, v.16 no.12, pp.1-9
Institute of Physics (IOP)
14MR8100, 디지털 홀로그래픽 테이블탑형 단말 기술 개발, 김진웅
A novel method is proposed for simulating free space field propagation from a source plane to a destination plane that is applicable for both small and large propagation distances. The angular spectrum method (ASM) was widely used for simulating near field propagation, but it caused a numerical error when the propagation distance was large because of aliasing due to under sampling. Band limited ASM satisfied the Nyquist condition on sampling by limiting a bandwidth of a propagation field to avoid an aliasing error so that it could extend the applicable propagation distance of the ASM. However, the band limited ASM also made an error due to the decrease of an effective sampling number in a Fourier space when the propagation distance was large. In the proposed wide range ASM, we use a non-uniform sampling in a Fourier space to keep a constant effective sampling number even though the propagation distance is large. As a result, the wide range ASM can produce simulation results with high accuracy for both far and near field propagation. For non-paraxial wave propagation, we applied the wide range ASM to a shifted destination plane as well.
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Aliasing error, Angular spectrum, Fourier space, Free Space, High accuracy, Non-paraxial, Non-uniform sampling, Numerical error, Sampling number, Under-sampling, Wide range