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학술지 Interference-Limited Dynamic Resource Management for an Integrated Satellite/Terrestrial System
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박운희, 김희욱, 오대섭, 구본준
ETRI Journal, v.36 no.4, pp.519-527
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
An integrated multi-beam satellite and multi-cell terrestrial system is an attractive means for highly efficient communication due to the fact that the two components (satellite and terrestrial) make the most of each other's resources. In this paper, a terrestrial component reuses a satellite's resources under the control of the satellite's network management system. This allows the resource allocation for the satellite and terrestrial components to be coordinated to optimize spectral efficiency and increase overall system capacity. In such a system, the satellite resources reused in the terrestrial component may bring about severe interference, which is one of the main factors affecting system capacity. Under this consideration, the objective of this paper is to achieve an optimized resource allocation in both components in such a way as to minimize any resulting inter-component interference. The objective of the proposed scheme is to mitigate this intercomponent interference by optimizing the total transmission power - the result of which can lead to an increase in capacity. The simulation results in this paper illustrate that the proposed scheme affords a more energyefficient system to be implemented, compared to a conventional power management scheme, by allocating the bandwidth uniformly regardless of the amount of interference or traffic demand. © 2014 ETRI.
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Main factors, Multi-beam satellite, Multi-cell, Network management system, Overall system, Satellite and terrestrial, Spectral efficiency(SE), Traffic Demand, dynamic resource management, efficient communication, highly efficient