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학술지 Research on Information Providing Method for Intelligent Navigation System
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박혜선, 김경호
대한인간공학회지, v.31 no.5, pp.657-670
DOI Ergon Soc Korea.2012.31.5.657
12MC3700, 운전부하 정량화 및 지능형 인터페이스 관리 기술 개발, 윤대섭
Background: Today, numerous telematics technologies, i.e., technologies developed by integrating telecommunications with information processing, are applied in vehicles. One such developmental application of this technology to vehicles is to increase the safety or convenience of drivers by providing them with necessary information such as warnings and information on emergencies and traffic situations. However, under certain conditions, there is a high probability of traffic accidents if the driving workload is high. Nowadays, the navigation system is frequently used in the vehicles, this system provides various information including route to the driver. But, the existing navigation systems are not only considered a driver's reaction but also provide unilaterally to the information regardless of them. Such one-side information service type may miss important information to the driver. In addition, it sometimes interferes safety driving. Objective: To solve this problem, the intelligent navigation system needs to the providing way that it checks the driver's reactions after providing information. Namely, if the driver passes the information received from the navigation, then the intelligent system provides more loudly and more frequently. Method: Therefore, in this study we introduce the intelligent navigation system that it automatically controls modality type and its strength when the driver misses or overlooks the information for their safety and entertainment and we analyze the driver's cognitive responses about the modality type and its strength. Results: To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed system, we analyzed the reaction time and driving workload for each type of the information, modality and its strength. Also we evaluated the users' subjective satisfaction and understanding based on a questionnaire.
KSP 제안 키워드
Information services, Intelligent navigation, Intelligent systems, Reaction time, Service Type, Traffic accident, information processing, navigation system, safety driving, side information