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08638130 (1996.04.26)
5920551 (1999.07.06)
A channel structure for performing a coherent demodulation in reverse links respectively adapted to transmit pilots from a plurality of mobile stations to a base station in a wideband code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile communication system, wherein burst pilots are respectively transmitted from the mobile stations within predetermined time slots so that they can be staggered with reference to the start point of every superframe. Since a pilot burst adjustment is carried out in accordance with the present invention, it is possible to obtain an increased channel capacity as compared to that of the reverse link according to the IS-95 standard scheme. The receiver of the base station can also have a simple and inexpensive structure.
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Channel capacity, Channel structure, Code division Multiple Access(CDMA), Communication system, Time slot, base station(BS), coherent demodulation, mobile communication, mobile communication system, multiple access, wideband code division multiple access(WCDMA)