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등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 시스템

디지털 통신 방법 및 시스템
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경문건, 박수원, 손인수, 차재상, 조주필, 김재준, 이희수, 권재균, 문성호, 박수미, 성단근, 신강수, 윤지영, 송석일, 정재훈, 이서영
10490566 (2002.09.18)
20060239334 (2006.10.26)
7738510 (2010.06.15)
00MR4100, 초고속 패킷 데이터 서비스용 이동통신기술 연구, 이서영
This invention is concerned with a transmission control method and apparatus in a collision interval for a collision of multidimensional hopping patterns. In the present invention, each orthogonal wireless resource in the coordinate of the multidimensional orthogonal resource can hop according to the hopping pattern negotiated between a transmitter and a receiver, and each corresponding channel is distinguished by the hopping pattern. A specific multidimensional hopping pattern is allocated to each secondary station. The hopping pattern is either permanently allocated to the secondary stations or temporarily allocated from the primary station during a call set-up. The permanent allocation of the hopping pattern to the secondary stations is achieved when the hopping pattern is identified based on a unique identifier, such as ESN of the secondary station. The hopping patterns of the secondary stations are mutually independent so that the coordinates of the same orthogonal resource is allocated to different secondary stations in a simultaneous manner in a specific moment. Through this invention, in order to improve the performance of the multidimensional resource hopping multiplexing system, refining transmission and perforation mechanisms for the collisions of multidimensional resource hopping patterns can reduce the overall perforation probability.
KSP 제안 키워드
Digital Communication, Set up, Transmission control, Unique identifier, call set-up, control method
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등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 그 시스템 대한민국 KIPRIS
등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 그 시스템 대한민국 KIPRIS
등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 그 시스템 대한민국 KIPRIS
등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 그 시스템 대한민국 KIPRIS
등록 디지털 통신 방법 및 그 시스템 대한민국 KIPRIS
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