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등록 OFDMA 기반 패킷 통신 시스템에서 적응형 변조 및 코딩 방식을 효율적으로 구현하는 복조 장치 및 그 방법

OFDMA 기반 패킷 통신 시스템에서 적응형 변조 및 코딩 방식을 효율적으로 구현하는 복조 장치 및 그 방법
이미지 확대
김준우, 박윤옥, 김영훈, 채수창
10583167 (2004.11.03)
20070248002 (2007.10.25)
8068510 (2011.11.29)
Disclosed is a demodulation apparatus for receiving signals by an adaptive modulation and coding method, and demodulating the signals, in an OFDMA based packet communication system, comprising: a QAM demapper for performing QAM demapping to the received signals by a modulation method using a maximum modulation ratio, until modulation methods for each of sub-channels are analyzed; a slot buffer for storing the data outputted from the QAM demapper; a channel decoder for decoding the data stored in the slot buffer and analyzing modulation methods for each sub-channels and transferring the analyzed modulation methods to the QAM demapper; and in at the same time, reading valid data from the data stored in the slot buffer, based on the analyzed modulation methods for each sub-channels, and demodulating the valid data.
KSP 제안 키워드
Adaptive Modulation and Coding(AMC), Channel Decoder, Coding method, Communication system, Modulation method, Modulation ratios, Sub-channels, adaptive modulation, valid data