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등록 직교수파수분할다중접속 시스템의 레인징 채널 처리 장치 및 방법

직교수파수분할다중접속 시스템의 레인징 채널 처리 장치 및 방법
이미지 확대
유창완, 손경열, 박윤옥, 황승구
10923136 (2004.08.19)
20050135230 (2005.06.23)
7515641 (2009.04.07)
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for processing a ranging channel in an OFDMA system. The apparatus converts received ranging complex signals to polar coordinate signals having a signal magnitude and a phase, and the received converted signals are each represented by a signal magnitude component and a phase component. A predetermined phase component of a signal according to a phase rotation is used to estimate a time delay by an addition operation of the phase of the received signal and the phase according to the phase rotation. Accordingly, the time delay and the power of each reverse link user of the OFDMA mobile communication system can be calculated by arithmetic operations of addition components instead of multiplication components, resulting in the reduction of complexity.
KSP 제안 키워드
Addition operation, Arithmetic operations, Communication system, Complex Signal, Frequency division, Frequency division multiple access(FDMA), Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access(OFDMA), Phase component, Polar coordinates, Time Delay, mobile communication, mobile communication system, multiple access, phase rotation