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바이오 칩을 위한 플라스틱 구조체, 그를 이용한 미소가열기, 미소 반응기, 미소 반응기 어레이 및 마이크로 어레이
이미지 확대
이대식, 김윤태, 양해식, 김규원, 박세호, 김성진, 임용택, 정광효
10899177 (2004.07.27)
20050139993 (2005.06.30)
7652370 (2010.01.26)
03MB3500, e-Health 구현을 위한 바이오 정보통신 기술, 김윤태
Provided are a plastic microfabricated structure, and a microfabricated thermal device, a microfabricated reactor, a microfabricated reactor array and a micro array using the same, which may be applied to a bio chip, and the present invention may fabricate the plastic microfabricated structure for providing a heating region by means of insulating plastic, which has a thin thickness, flatness enough to allow a photolithography process to be performed, thermal isolation in its some or total area, and a small thermal mass, and on top of the heating region of the plastic microfabricated structure, a heater, a temperature sensor for sensing a temperature, an electrode, and an electrode pad are formed to thereby fabricate the microfabricated heating device, whereby element may be readily fabricated at a low cost, and the heating region is formed of a plastic thin layer, so that uniform temperature control is possible even with a low power, and various samples may be thermally treated at a fast speed to obtain their reaction and analysis.
KSP 제안 키워드
Fast speed, Low-Power, Low-cost, Photolithography process, Temperature Control, Thermal mass, Uniform temperature, heating device, micro array, temperature sensor(LM35), thermal device, thermal isolation, thermally treated, thin layer