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등록 병렬처리구조의 DS-CDMA UWB시스템에서의 초기 동기 획득 장치

병렬처리구조의 DS-CDMA UWB시스템에서의 초기 동기 획득 장치
이미지 확대
강규민, 강법주, 최상성, 이정구, 박광로, 김채규
11065570 (2005.02.25)
20060083269 (2006.04.20)
7623562 (2009.11.24)
04MH1400, UWB 기술 및 무선 1394 SoC 개발, 최상성
Provided are an initial synchronization acquiring device and method in a parallel processed DS-CDMA UWB system and a DS-CDMA UWB system's receiver using the same. The initial synchronization acquiring device is constructed to include a correlator for correlating input signals and outputting correlation result values and an initial synchronizer for tuning initial symbol synchronization and frame synchronization by using the correlation result values received from the correlator and then storing combining mark values and a synchronization position value in a register, thereby making it possible to greatly decrease a system's complexity, compared to the existing method of separately designing respective modules for acquiring packet synchronization and symbol synchronization in the existing CDMA system. Also, the initial synchronization acquiring device and method additionally compensates a synchronization error caused by a frequency offset generated between clocks used by a transmitter and a receiver and thereby can be efficiently used in the high-speed and parallel-processed DS-CDMA UWB system.
KSP 제안 키워드
CDMA systems, DS-CDMA system, Direct-sequence code-division multiple-access(DS-CDMA), Frame synchronization, High Speed, Initial Synchronization, Symbol synchronization, Synchronization error, UWB system, frequency offset