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최대 다이버시티와 최대 다중화 이득을 추구하는 구조적인 시공간 부호를 사용하는 다중안테나 시스템
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이승준, 오성근, 최인경, 오종의, 김성락, 권동승, 임형수, 황승구, 이문일, 송영석, 임광재, 예충일, 이유로
11574725 (2005.02.28)
20080225975 (2008.09.18)
7903753 (2011.03.08)
04MM1100, 4세대 이동통신 기술개발, 황승구
A space-time code used for a transmitter to transmit a plurality of data symbols to a receiver in a MIMO system, the space-time code including a code word matrix for transmitting an amount of data symbols corresponding to a product of the number of transmit antennas and a spatial multiplexing rate during one block period, wherein a row index indicates combined signals transmitted through different transmit antennas and a column index indicates time slots that correspond to the number of transmit antennas, and wherein the number of data symbols allocated to each transmit antenna in a code block corresponds to the spatial multiplexing rate, and the data symbols are combined by different combining coefficients for each transmit antenna at every time slot, and simultaneously transmitted through different transmit antennas, and each transmit antenna transmits a different set of data symbols at every time slot.
KSP 제안 키워드
Full diversity, Generating method, MIMO system, Multi-input, Multi-output, Multi-output system, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Space time(ST), Space-time codes, Time slot, multi-input multi-output system, spatial multiplexing(SMX), transmit antennas