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등록 무선 인터넷 시스템에서의 피기백 방식에 의한 채널품질정보 방법 및 장치

무선 인터넷 시스템에서의 피기백 방식에 의한 채널품질정보 방법 및 장치
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윤철식, 김재흥, 여건민, 임순용, 유병한
10588480 (2005.02.02)
20080287138 (2008.11.20)
8462706 (2013.06.11)
The subscriber station of claim 15, wherein the uplink data includes data to be transmitted, and a header having information on the data and the subscriber, and the uplink data generator adds the subheader includDisclosed is a method and device for requesting and reporting channel quality information in a mobile communication system. An uplink radio resource for a subscriber station having data to transmit is allocated and a CQI indicator for requesting channel quality information is added to the allocation information to be transmitted to a subscriber station. The subscriber station having received the uplink radio resource allocation information generates channel quality information by measuring the radio channel quality for communication with the base station according to existence of the indicator and transmits desired uplink data having the generated channel quality information to the base station. As a result, the seamless and efficient channel quality report can be performed in the wireless communication system, and the optical modulation and the channel coding level can be adapted for the subscriber to transmit or receive the data corresponding to the channel quality. ing the channel quality information to the header of the uplink data.
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Channel Coding, Channel Quality Information, Communication system, Data generator, Reporting channel, Subscriber station, Wireless communication system, base station(BS), channel quality, mobile communication, mobile communication system, optical modulation, radio channel, radio resource, radio resource allocation, resource allocation(RA), wireless communication, wireless system
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