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이미지 확대
이용수, 방영조, 박윤옥, 김준우
11791442 (2005.06.24)
20080056394 (2008.03.06)
7746966 (2010.06.29)
The present invention relates to a method for automatic gain control (AGC) before an initial synchronization of a mobile station modem in OFDM system, and an apparatus thereof. The AGC apparatus includes: an initial synchronization inspector that verifies whether an initial synchronization for an input block sample (k) signal has been performed; a frame divider that divides a frame into predetermined intervals B(k) for the input block sample(k) signal in the case that the initial synchronization has not been performed; a reference value inspector that compares a difference value Pref Pcalc, between a predetermined reference value Pref and sample data average energy Pcalc, with a predetermined value; a count controller that increases or decreases the count when the difference value Pref Pcalc compared by the reference value inspector is greater or less than the predetermined value; a count inspector that inspects whether the count is greater or less than 0 when the input block sample (k) reaches a maximum value MAX; and a gain controller which increases or decreases the gain, level by level, according to the count inspection result of the count inspector.
KSP 제안 키워드
Automatic Gain Control(AGC), Average Energy, Gain Control, Initial Synchronization, Mobile station(MS), OFDM systems, Reference value, Sample data, block sample, difference value
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