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등록 생체신호를 이용한 착용형 휴대폰 입력장치 및 그 제어방법

생체신호를 이용한 착용형 휴대폰 입력장치 및 그 제어방법
이미지 확대
정준영, 이전우, 박윤경
11132333 (2005.05.19)
20060121958 (2006.06.08)
7596393 (2009.09.29)
04MH1600, 생체신호 반응형 에이전트를 위한 컨텍스트 인식 기술개발, 이전우
Disclosed are a wearable mobile phone capable of detecting EMG changed by hand motion of a user and a control method of an input unit of the wearable mobile phone. The wearable mobile phone includes an EMG measuring unit 10 having a plurality of EMG measuring sensors 11 for detecting the EMG changed by hand motion of a user, and made in a ring shape to be worn on a wrist of the user, an EMG transferring unit 20 connected to the EMG measuring unit 10 for transferring the EMG measured by the EMG measuring unit, an EMG determining unit 30 mounted to one side of the EMG transferring unit 20 for receiving EMG from the EMG transferring unit to determine the hand motion and extract an input signal for the mobile phone corresponding to the hand motion, and a mobile phone functioning unit 40 receiving the input signal from the EMG determining unit for functioning the mobile function and having an antenna and a sound transferring device. The wearable mobile phone allows the user to input wanted information related to operation of the mobile phone, without using input keys, which can miniaturize the mobile phone and easily carry the mobile phone.
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Controlling method, Input signal, Measuring unit, control method, hand motion, mobile phone