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이재영, 김승원, 지금란, 김성훈, 안치득, 이수인
11575242 (2005.09.15)
20090201997 (2009.08.13)
8638860 (2014.01.28)
04MR1100, 지능형 통합정보방송(SmarTV)기술개발, 안치득
Provided is a Vestigial Side Band Digital Television (DTV) transmitter/receiver based on Advanced Television System Committee A/53. The invention provides DTV transmitter/receiver having a dual stream structure through generation of robust data which has a transmission rate a fourth as fast as that of normal data, and a method thereof. The DTV transmitter includes: input means for receiving digital video data stream including normal and robust data; encoding means for performing ¼ rate coding on the digital video data stream so that one bit can be transmitted through two symbols; and transmitting means for modulating/transmitting output signals of the encoding means. This invention can reduce SNR and satisfy TOV of robust data by performing additional FEC on robust data, transmitting/receiving ¼ rate coded robust data, which are capable of transmitting one-bit data for two symbols, and improving decoding ability of an equalizer and a trellis decoder of a DTV receiver
KSP 제안 키워드
Data stream, Robust data, Side band, Television system, Transmission Rate, Vestigial side band(VSB), Video data, digital television(DTV), digital video, one-bit, rate coding, stream structure