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등록 임베디드 코드여기 선형예측 음성 부호화/복호화 장치 및 그 방법

임베디드 코드여기 선형예측 음성 부호화/복호화 장치 및 그 방법
이미지 확대
이미숙, 성종모, 김도영, 김현우
11297686 (2005.12.07)
20060122830 (2006.06.08)
8265929 (2012.09.11)
04MT2300, 차세대 고품질 VoIP 핵심 원천기술, 김도영
Provides is an embedded code-excited linear prediction speech coding/decoding apparatus and method that can deal with the capacity change of speech transmission channel by modeling an error signal not coded at a core speech coder based on a transmission rate in a multiple pulse search mode or gain compensation mode and then transmitting it in an optimum mode. The apparatus includes a core speech coding unit for coding an input speech signal with spectral envelop and an excitation signal, a transmission rate determination unit for allocating the number of bits additionally allowed depending on a capacity of a transmission channel, and an embedded excitation signal coding unit for coding a residual excitation signal that is not coded in the core speech coding unit based on the number of additionally allowed bits using one of a multiple pulse excitation coding mode and a gain compensation mode.
KSP 제안 키워드
Coding unit(CU), Compensation Mode, Embedded code, Error signal, Excitation signal, Gain Compensation, Linear prediction, Multiple pulse, Rate determination, Residual excitation, Search mode, Signal Coding, Speech Signals, Speech coder, Speech coding, Transmission Rate, coding and decoding, pulse excitation, transmission channel