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등록 위치정보를 이용한 무선 단말기의 이종 시스템간 핸드오버 수행 방법 및 그 장치

위치정보를 이용한 무선 단말기의 이종 시스템간 핸드오버 수행 방법 및 그 장치
이미지 확대
김원익, 송재수, 이봉주, 신연승, 송평중, 남상우
11295126 (2005.12.05)
20060121914 (2006.06.08)
7720487 (2010.05.18)
04MM1100, 4세대 이동통신 기술개발, 황승구
A handover method and apparatus for a mobile terminal using location information in a network of heterogeneous systems are provided. The handover method uses service area map information provided by a location service server in a mobile communication network in which at least one or more heterogeneous wireless network systems are connected through a predetermined network and, includes: receiving service area map information transmitted from the location service server; the mobile terminal determining whether or not the location of the mobile terminal is within the service area map; and if it is determined that the mobile terminal is within the service area map, the wireless terminal selecting an accessible wireless network system and then activating a unit for communicating with a base station of the selected wireless network system. According to the method, a battery consumption problem that occurs by activating all modems when a wireless terminal, which is connected to a predetermined mobile communication system in an environment where a plurality of heterogeneous systems are overlapping each other, is searching for candidate systems in order to perform handover to a heterogeneous network, can be solved. Also, a problem where finding a candidate system is time-consuming can be solved.
KSP 제안 키워드
Battery Consumption, Communication system, Heterogeneous wireless networks, Location Service, Location information(GPS), Map Information, Mobile communication networks, Network system, System network, Wireless network, base station(BS), communication network, heterogeneous network(HetNet), heterogeneous systems, heterogeneous wireless, mobile communication, mobile communication system, mobile terminal, service area, wireless network system, wireless terminal