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등록 전자태그를 이용한 항공 수화물 분실 방지 방법 및 장치

전자태그를 이용한 항공 수화물 분실 방지 방법 및 장치
이미지 확대
이준섭, 유상근, 김용운, 이형호, 김형준
11917575 (2005.10.14)
20080204242 (2008.08.28)
7777629 (2010.08.17)
05MB1700, RF ID/USN 표준화 연구, 김형준
Provided is an apparatus and method for preventing air baggage from getting lost using a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. The apparatus for preventing baggage from getting lost, change, or stolen in which a baggage tag storing baggage management information is attached to the baggage and a receipt tag storing the baggage management information is issued to a baggage owner, the apparatus includes: a tag reader reading the receipt tag and the baggage tag in a predetermined area; and a determiner determining whether the tag reader reads the receipt tag including the same baggage management information as the baggage management information of the baggage tag within a predetermined time before and after the tag reader reads the baggage tag. As a result, air baggage is quickly and exactly managed, costs is reduced, and foreign confidence of an airport is increased, thereby preventing baggage from getting lost and exchanged.
KSP 제안 키워드
Passive radio frequency identification(RFID), Radio Frequency(RF), Radio frequency identification (RFID) system, Radio frequency identification (rfid), frequency identification