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등록 시간/시점간 참조영상 버퍼를 활용한 예측부호화 장치 및 그 방법

시간/시점간 참조영상 버퍼를 활용한 예측부호화 장치 및 그 방법
이미지 확대
김대희, 조숙희, 허남호, 이수인, 이영렬, 김종률
13729556 (2012.12.28)
20130114699 (2013.05.09)
9154786 (2015.10.06)
05MR1100, 지능형 통합정보방송(SmarTV)기술개발, 안치득
Provided are an apparatus and method for predictive coding/decoding for improving a compression rate of multiview video using one or two additional reference frame buffers. The predictive encoding apparatus includes: a multiview reference picture providing unit for providing a reference picture for a predictive encoding according to temporal and spatial GOP structure information; a prediction unit for creating a vector by predicting which part of the reference picture inputted from the multiview reference picture providing unit is referred by a picture to currently encode; a transforming and quantizing unit for obtaining a difference signal between the predicted signal inputted from the prediction unit and a picture signal to currently encode, transforming the obtained difference signal, quantizing the transformed signal, and compressing the quantized signal; and an entropy encoding unit for encoding the quantized signal and the vectors according to a predetermined scheme and outputting the encoded signal.
KSP 제안 키워드
Compression rate, Difference signal, Multiview video, Predictive Coding, Reference frame, prediction unit, structure information
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