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직교 주파수 분할 다중화 방식의 통신 시스템의 타이밍 획득 및 반송파 주파수 오차 추정 장치 및 방법
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11521171 (2006.09.14)
20070140104 (2007.06.21)
8300621 (2012.10.30)
The present invention relates to a method for timing acquisition and carrier frequency offset estimation of an OFDM communication system and an apparatus using the same.For this purpose the present invention provides a method for calculating at least one auto-correlation and calculating an observation value by performing a sliding sum on the at least one auto-correlation, and calculating a peak point of an absolute value of the observation as frame timing.In addition, the present invention provides a method for generating a third OFDM symbol that is generated by delaying a second OFDM symbol, calculating an observation value through the second and third OFDM symbols, and calculating a phase difference from a result of multiplication of the observation value and a conjugate complex value of the observation value such that a carrier frequency offset can be estimated.According to the present invention, the number of OFDM symbols is sufficient for obtaining timing acquisition with high reliability, and the offset estimation algorithm having a lower implementation complexity is provided such that superior performance is expected and carrier frequency offset with high reliability can be achieved.
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Absolute value, Auto-Correlation, Carrier Frequency Offset, Carrier frequency, Carrier frequency offset estimation, Communication system, Complex value, Frequency Offset Estimation, High Reliability, Implementation complexity, Lower implementation complexity, OFDM Communication, OFDM Communication System, Peak point, Phase Difference, Timing acquisition, estimation algorithm, frequency offset, offset estimation, superior performance
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