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등록 낮은 MIT 전압용 MoBRiK 소자를 이용한 초고전압 잡음 제거회로

낮은 MIT 전압용 MoBRiK 소자를 이용한 초고전압 잡음 제거회로
이미지 확대
김현탁, 김봉준, 강광용, 이용욱, 채병규, 윤선진, 김경옥
12021764 (2008.01.29)
20080142900 (2008.06.19)
7489492 (2009.02.10)
Provided are an abrupt metal-insulator transition (MIT) device for bypassing super-high voltage noise to protect an electric and/or electronic system, such as, a high-voltage switch, from a super-high voltage, a high-voltage noise removing circuit for bypassing the super-high voltage noise using the abrupt MIT device, and an electric and/or electronic system including the high-voltage noise removing circuit. The abrupt MIT device includes a substrate, a first abrupt MIT structure, and a second abrupt MIT structure. The first and second abrupt MIT structures are formed on an upper surface and a lower surface, respectively, of the substrate. The high-voltage noise removing circuit includes an abrupt MIT device chain connected in parallel to the electric and/or electronic system to be protected. The abrupt MIT device chain includes at least two abrupt MIT devices serially connected to each other.
KSP 제안 키워드
Electronic systems, High Voltage, High power, High-voltage switch, Noise Removing, Power noise, Super-high, Voltage Noise, metal-insulator, metal-insulator transition, voltage switch