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등록 저소비 전력 시스템을 위한 고효율 혼합모드 전력증폭기

저소비 전력 시스템을 위한 고효율 혼합모드 전력증폭기
이미지 확대
박민, 최윤호, 박성수, 현석봉, 박경환
11482576 (2006.07.07)
20070085602 (2007.04.19)
7436257 (2008.10.14)
05MB2900, 초저전력 RF/HW/SW 통합 SoC, 박성수
Provided is a power amplifier of a low-power consumption system that has linearity at a peak output power while increasing efficiency in a most frequently used range, and thereby enables a battery to last longer. The power amplifier includes an input impedance matcher for impedance-matching a signal input from the outside; a high-power amplifier and a low-power amplifier for amplifying the signal having passed through the input impedance matcher; an amplification controller controlling the high-power amplifier and low-power amplifier according to the power level of the input signal; an output impedance matcher for impedance-matching the signal amplified by the high-power amplifier and low-power amplifier; and a dynamic voltage supplier for supplying the low-power amplifier with a variable driving voltage. With the constitution set forth above, linearity at peak output power is maintained, and efficiency increases in the most frequently used range, thereby enabling the battery of a handheld to last longer.
KSP 제안 키워드
High power, High power amplifier(HPA), Input Impedance, Input signal, Low-Power, Output impedance, Output power, Power Consumption, Power Levels, driving voltage, dynamic voltage, high efficiency, impedance matching, increasing efficiency, low power consumption, low-power amplifier, mixed-mode, mode power, power amplifiers(PAs)
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