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등록 OFDMA 이동통신시스템에서 단일 안테나 간섭 제거 수신 방법

OFDMA 이동통신시스템에서 단일 안테나 간섭 제거 수신 방법
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임광재, 윤철식
11510085 (2006.08.25)
20070049199 (2007.03.01)
7680458 (2010.03.16)
The present invention relates to an interference cancellation receiving method in an OFDMA mobile communication system, and an apparatus using the same. For this purpose, the present invention provides an interference cancellation receiving method for outputting a data symbol from which an interfering signal is canceled by receiving subcarriers including a data signal from a serving base station, the data signal including interfering signals from a neighboring base station and a remote base station, estimating a channel response of the serving base station and the neighboring base station by using at least one adjacent pilot subcarrier in the frequency axis or time axis, computing a weight value for canceling the interfering signals, and combining at least one data subcarrier having a repeated identical data symbol among received subcarriers with the weight value. According to the present invention, performance of receiving serving base station signals is improved, and a success rate of handoff is increased and handoff delay time is reduced by successful decoding of signals from a serving base station and a neighboring base station when handoff occurs.
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Communication system, Delay Time, Handoff delay, Interference cancellation, Serving Base Station(SBS), Success rate, base station(BS), mobile communication, mobile communication system, pilot subcarrier, weight value
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