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등록 이동단말의 내장 카메라를 이용한 위치인식 방법 및 그 장치

이동단말의 내장 카메라를 이용한 위치인식 방법 및 그 장치
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김재호, 신경철
11516876 (2006.09.07)
20070123308 (2007.05.31)
7689001 (2010.03.30)
05MM1100, 4세대 이동통신 기술개발, 황승구
The present invention relates to a location recognition device for recognizing a location by a mobile terminal having a camera and a method thereof. In the above method, the location recognition device photographs a location recognition tag storing location recognition information, and measures a distance to the location recognition tag. Subsequently, the location recognition device analyzes an image of the photographed location recognition tag, and recognizes location information corresponding to the location recognition tag and direction information of the photographed location recognition tag. Accordingly, a location of the mobile terminal is measured by using information of the measured distance and the recognized location information and direction information. In this case, an absolute location coordinate or a logic location coordinate is stored in the location recognition tag. In addition, the location recognition tags are arranged so that using the location recognition tags achieves a desired precision in a predetermined physical area.
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Built-in, Location information(GPS), Location recognition, Using information, direction information, mobile terminal
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등록 이동단말의 내장 카메라를 이용한 위치인식 방법 및 그 장치 독일