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등록 동일채널 중계장치 및 그 방법

동일채널 중계장치 및 그 방법
이미지 확대
박성익, 이용태, 김흥묵, 서재현, 김승원, 음호민, 이수인
11912536 (2005.12.29)
20090209201 (2009.08.20)
7844219 (2010.11.30)
05MR1300, 지상파 DTV SFN 송수신 기술 개발 (ATSC 지상파 DTV를 위한 이동 송수신 기술), 김승원
Provided are an on-channel repeater and a method thereof. The on-channel repeater can extract reception channel information from signals transmitted from a main transmitter or another repeater, compensate for channel distortion caused on a transmission channel by inversely reflecting the extracted reception channel information to the received signals, and transmit the channel-distortion compensated signals through the same channel as a reception channel, and a method thereof. The on-channel repeater includes: a receiver for receiving RF signals transmitted from outside; a down-converter for down-converting the received RF signals into signals of a desired band; a channel-estimator for estimating an inverse value of a reception channel based on the down-converted signals; an adaptation filter for compensating for channel distortion by using a filter having the inverse value of the estimated reception channel; an up-converter for up-converting the channel distortion-compensated signals into RF signals; and a transmitter for transmitting the up-converted RF signals.
KSP 제안 키워드
Down-converting, RF signal, Up-converter, down-converter, transmission channel
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