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와이브로 시스템에서 효율적인 순방향 패킷 스케줄링 방안
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김주희, 김경수
11598588 (2006.11.13)
20070121636 (2007.05.31)
7873050 (2011.01.18)
In a base station of an IEEE 802.16 Wireless MAN-based portable Internet system, a forward packet scheduling method and apparatus is provided. The portable Internet system portable Internet service includes a user terminal AT for providing a portable Internet service, a base station AP for supporting an inter-user terminal wireless access and network connection, and a packet access router PAR for performing a mobility control and packet routing function of each user terminal AT. The forward packet scheduler includes a packet-based subsidiary scheduling part for considering a real-time service and a user-based scheduling part for ensuring fairness and increasing system efficiency (throughput). After finishing the 2-step scheduling, the generated frame data are transmitted though a physical layer to a wireless user terminal. Therefore, with such a structure, the forward packet scheduling method may guarantee a maximum of system efficiency and fairness according to each user's QoS requirements, and may also guarantee a delay performance for a real-time service.
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Access router, Frame data, IEEE 802, IEEE 802.1, IEEE 802.16, Internet service, Mobility control, Network connection, Packet routing, Packet scheduling, Physical Layer, QoS Requirements, Real-Time, Scheduling method, System Efficiency, User based, Wireless Access, base station(BS), delay performance, packet scheduler, real-time services, time service