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등록 패킷에 포함된 정보를 이용한 네트워크 공격을 차단하는 방법 및 그 장치

패킷에 포함된 정보를 이용한 네트워크 공격을 차단하는 방법 및 그 장치
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임재덕, 김영호, 류승호, 김기영, 정보흥
11592136 (2006.11.03)
20070110069 (2007.05.17)
7710971 (2010.05.04)
05MK1100, 고성능 네트워크 정보보호 시스템 개발, 손승원
A method of blocking network attacks using information included in a packet, and an apparatus thereof are provided. The method includes: receiving a packet containing information on the packet including at least information on a source from which the packet is sent, and information on a destination to which the packet is sent; and extracting the information on the packet included in the packet, comparing the information with a predetermined access control condition, and blocking or passing the packet. By doing so, a packet being transferred with a routing header capable of bypassing a security device as in an Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) network can be appropriately blocked or passed. Accordingly, security problems caused by the routing header can be overcome, and as a result, usage of the routing header can be promoted. Also, since a routing header can be used for transmitting a packet along a desired path, the routing header can be widely used without security problems, and can ease network security concerns relating to IPv6 networks that are expected to come into increasingly wide use.
KSP 제안 키워드
Desired path, IPv6 network, Internet Protocol Version 6, Internet protocol(IP), Network Attacks, Routing header, Security problems, Using information, access control, control condition, network security, security concerns
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