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등록 휴대인터넷 시스템에서 그룹화된 주기적인 레인징 기능을 이용하여 비정상적인 단말을 검색하고 해제하는 방안

휴대인터넷 시스템에서 그룹화된 주기적인 레인징 기능을 이용하여 비정상적인 단말을 검색하고 해제하는 방안
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11636937 (2006.12.11)
20070155378 (2007.07.05)
7904070 (2011.03.08)
The present invention relates to a method for searching and releasing an abnormal subscriber station in a wireless portable Internet system, and an apparatus using the same. The apparatus searches for an abnormal group including abnormal subscriber stations based on a ranging code provided in a periodic ranging process, and searches for an abnormal subscriber station by transmitting a connection maintenance message to subscriber stations included in the abnormal group so as to check an operation status of the respective subscriber stations. In addition, the apparatus releases a connection of an abnormal subscriber station. Therefore, waste of radio resources allocated to the abnormal subscriber station can be prevented, thereby achieving efficient resource management. Further, a secondary search process is performed only for subscriber stations included in an abnormal group, thereby preventing a system load from occurring when searching for an abnormal subscriber station.
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Operation status, Resource management, Subscriber station, System load, radio resource, search process