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등록 무선 휴대 인터넷 시스템에서 채널 모드간 전환 방법

무선 휴대 인터넷 시스템에서 채널 모드간 전환 방법
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이남석, 박남훈
11603489 (2006.11.22)
20070115862 (2007.05.24)
7962131 (2011.06.14)
Provided is a channel mode converting method of a wireless portable Internet system. When a diversity channel mode is converted into an Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) channel mode, a radio resource for transmitting Channel Quality Information (CQI) is allocated without responding to a resource allocation request and a request between a terminal and an access point. Therefore, a delay time can be reduced on the channel mode conversion. In addition, a CQI channel for transmitting the existing channel quality information is released and a CQI channel for a new channel is allocated on the channel mode conversion. As a result, a time for changing the diversity channel CQI transmission to the AMC channel CQI transmission at the physical layer can be easily synchronized for transmitting the REP_RSP at the MAC.
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Access point, Adaptive Modulation and Coding(AMC), Channel Quality Information, Channel mode, Converting method, Delay Time, Physical Layer, adaptive modulation, channel quality, mode conversion, mode transition, radio resource, resource allocation(RA), transmitting channel