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등록 MIMO-OFDM 시스템에서 타이밍 에러와 주파수 오프셋을 추정하는 방법 및 그 장치

MIMO-OFDM 시스템에서 타이밍 에러와 주파수 오프셋을 추정하는 방법 및 그 장치
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마장용, 김영일
11636799 (2006.12.11)
20070183518 (2007.08.09)
7778338 (2010.08.17)
The present invention relates to a method and device for estimating a timing error and a frequency offset in the MIMO mobile communication system. In a system including a plurality of transmit antennas and a plurality of receive antennas, a predetermined preamble symbol is inserted into a frame to be transmitted by a transmitting device, and pseudo noise is multiplied to the preamble symbol, and result signal is transmitted through each transmit antenna. A receiving device receives the signal through each receive antenna, extracts a preamble symbol from the OFDM symbol, and multiplies local pseudo noise that corresponds to the pseudo noise used by the transmitting device and is shifted by the extracted preamble symbol. A timing error is estimated and compensated according to the correlation of the pseudo noise of the transmitting device and the local pseudo noise of the receiving device. A frequency offset is estimated and compensated according to the phase difference between the preamble symbols. Therefore, the system is realized in a simpler manner and timing error and frequency offset estimation and compensation performance is further improved.
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Communication system, Compensation performance, Frequency Offset Estimation, MIMO system, Phase Difference, Pseudo Noise, estimation and compensation, frequency offset, frequency offset estimation and compensation, mobile communication, mobile communication system, offset estimation, timing error, transmit antennas
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등록 MIMO 이동 통신 시스템에서 타이밍 에러와 주파수 오프셋을 추정하는 방법 및 그 장치 대한민국 KIPRIS