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등록 사마륨 실리사이드를 이용한 쇼트키 장벽 트랜지스터 제작

사마륨 실리사이드를 이용한 쇼트키 장벽 트랜지스터 제작
이미지 확대
김약연, 장문규, 박병철, 전명심, 이성재, 최철종
11485837 (2006.07.13)
20070034951 (2007.02.15)
7545000 (2009.06.09)
05MF1400, 정보통신용 고기능 반도체 나노 신소자 기술, 이성재
Provided are a Schottky barrier tunnel transistor and a method of manufacturing the same that are capable of minimizing leakage current caused by damage to a gate sidewall of the Schottky barrier tunnel transistor using a Schottky tunnel barrier naturally formed at a semiconductor-metal junction as a tunnel barrier. The method includes the steps of: forming a semiconductor channel layer on an insulating substrate; forming a dummy gate on the semiconductor channel layer; forming a source and a drain at both sides of the dummy gate on the insulating substrate; removing the dummy gate; forming an insulating layer on a sidewall from which the dummy gate is removed; and forming an actual gate in a space from which the dummy gate is removed. In manufacturing the Schottky barrier tunnel transistor using the dummy gate, it is possible to form a high-k dielectric gate insulating layer and a metal gate, and stable characteristics in silicidation of the metal layer having very strong reactivity can be obtained.
KSP 제안 키워드
Channel layer, High-K, High-k Dielectric, Leakage current, Metal gate, Metal junction, Schottky barrier, Stable characteristics, Tunnel barrier, Tunnel transistors, insulating layer, insulating substrate, metal layer