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등록 접촉 감지부를 갖는 인체 통신 모듈

접촉 감지부를 갖는 인체 통신 모듈
이미지 확대
형창희, 성진봉, 황정환, 김진경, 강성원, 박덕근
12096365 (2006.12.06)
20080284607 (2008.11.20)
8054159 (2011.11.08)
05MH2100, 생체정보처리 기반 웨어러블 시스템 기술 개발, 이전우
Provided is a communication apparatus having a human body contact sensing function and a method thereof. The communication apparatus includes: an electrode that comes in contact with the human body; a contact sensor that is connected to the electrode, and instructs the central processing unit to perform an initial operation if contact with the human body is sensed; and a data processing unit that receives a control signal from the central processing unit so as to select whether to transmit or receive data, and performs a transmitting or receiving operation according to the control signal. Accordingly, in order to reduce power consumption when in a stand-by state before human body contact is made in a communication apparatus using a human body as a communication medium, a human body contact sensor is included so as to minimize power consumption of a micro processing unit and a transmitter/receiver circuit until contact occurs. Therefore, since power consumption is minimized when in a stand-by mode by using a contact sensor having significantly low power consumption, there is an advantage in that a stand-by time of a portable device is extended.
KSP 제안 키워드
Body contact(BC), Contact Sensors, Contact sensing, Control Signal, Data processing, Human body, Intra-body, Intra-body Communication, Low-Power, Portable device, Power Consumption, Processing unit, Standby mode, central processing unit, low power consumption, receiver circuit, touch sensor