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등록 액티브-매트릭스 전계 방출 디스플레이 및 그 구동 방법

액티브-매트릭스 전계 방출 디스플레이 및 그 구동 방법
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송윤호, 정진우, 김대준, 강광용, 이진호
13244078 (2011.09.23)
20120097958 (2012.04.26)
8390538 (2013.03.05)
A field emission pixel includes a cathode on which a field emitter emitting electrons is formed, an anode on which a phosphor absorbing electrons from the field emitter is formed, and a thin film transistor (TFT) having a source connected to a current source in response to a scan signal, a gate receiving a data signal, and a drain connected to the field emitter. The field emitter is made of carbon material such as diamond, diamond like carbon, carbon nanotube or carbon nanofiber. The cathode may include multiple field emitters, and the TFT may include multiple transistors having gates to which the same signal is applied, sources to which the same signal is applied, and drains respectively connected to the field emitters. An active layer of the TFT is made of a semiconductor film such as amorphous silicon, micro-crystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, wide-band gap material like ZnO, or an organic semiconductor.
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