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등록 MBMS 서비스의 집계(counting) 절차를 간소화하는 랜덤 접속 프리앰블 코드

MBMS 서비스의 집계(counting) 절차를 간소화하는 랜덤 접속 프리앰블 코드
이미지 확대
김정임, 유병한, 방승찬
12086087 (2006.12.06)
20090280738 (2009.11.12)
8145121 (2012.03.27)
05MM1100, 4세대 이동통신 기술개발, 황승구
The embodiments relate to a wireless communication system that counts UEs using an MBMS. The wireless communication system is connected with a UE through a radio link, and includes a Node B and a controlling radio network controller (CRNC). The Node B receives sequence setting information on a sequence included in a preamble transmitted from the UE network manager. The CRNC controls the Node B, detects a sequence according to whether to use an MBMS based on the sequence setting information, and performs a counting process for counting UEs based on whether the UE uses the MBMS.According to the embodiments, counting of UEs using an MBMS can be performed by using a predetermined sequence. Particularly, the counting process can be simplified by reducing complexity in access probability management of a network manager, thereby increasing efficiency in data transmission by reducing signaling for random access probability and omitting a random access probability calculation process.
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Calculation process, Communication system, Counting process, Data transmission, Network Manager, Node B, Probability calculation, Radio networks, Random Access, Wireless communication system, access probability, increasing efficiency, mobile terminal, network controller, radio link, reducing complexity, wireless communication