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등록 다중 안테나 시스템을 갖는 OFDMA시스템에서 효율적인 고속 퓨리에 변환 장치 및 수신기 구조

다중 안테나 시스템을 갖는 OFDMA시스템에서 효율적인 고속 퓨리에 변환 장치 및 수신기 구조
이미지 확대
이영하, 박윤옥
11635715 (2006.12.07)
20070155352 (2007.07.05)
7593754 (2009.09.22)
A receiving method and apparatus of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access system having multiple antennas that is capable of improving system design and realization of integration degree by reducing complexity of fast Fourier transform (FFT) and noncoherent combination is provided. The receiving apparatus of a communication system having multiple antennas includes a parallel/series converter for converting data received according to each receiving path from parallel to series data; a fast Fourier transform (FFT) unit for fast Fourier transforming the data converted from parallel to series data; a series/parallel converter for converting the fast Fourier transformed series data from series to parallel data; a series noncoherent combiner for noncoherently combining the fast Fourier transformed series data and outputting the noncoherent combined data; a channel estimator/compensator for channel-estimating/compensating the data converted to parallel according to respective receiving paths; and a coherent combiner for coherently combining the channel-estimated/compensated data and for outputting the coherent combined data.
KSP 제안 키워드
Channel Estimator, Communication system, Fast Fourier, Fast Fourier transform, Fast fourier transform (fft), Frequency division, Frequency division multiplexing, Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access(OFDMA), Orthogonal frequency division Multiplexing(OFDM), Parallel converter, Parallel data, Series Converter(SC), division multiplexing, fourier transform, multiple antennas, reducing complexity, system design
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