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등록 온도 무의존성 외부공진레이저

온도 무의존성 외부공진레이저
이미지 확대
이지현, 박만용, 정건, 김철영, 이우람, 조승현, 김병휘
11634792 (2006.12.05)
20070127538 (2007.06.07)
7580441 (2009.08.25)
05MT1100, 초고속 광가입자망 기술개발, 김봉태
Provided is an athermal external cavity laser (ECL), whose output optical power and output wavelength can be kept regular irrespective of temperature changes without using additional temperature controlling components. The ECL comprises: a semiconductor amplifier; an optical fiber comprising a core in which a Bragg grating is formed and a cladding surrounding the core; and a thermosetting polymer that fixes the optical fiber to a ferrule and has a negative thermooptical coefficient, wherein the thickness of the cladding surrounding the core in which the Bragg grating is formed is smaller than the portion of the cladding surrounding the portion of the core where the Bragg grating is not formed, and the thermosetting polymer the negative thermooptical coefficient surrounds the cladding. The ECL does not need additional temperature controlling components and thus can be manufactured compact and at low cost, and thus can be used as a light source of a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system in designing economical WDM passive optical networks (PON).
KSP 제안 키워드
Bragg grating(FBG), Dense wavelength division multiplexing(DWDM-PON), External cavity, External cavity laser, Light source, Low-cost, Optical fiber, Optical network, Optical power, Output optical power, Passive optical network, Temperature change, Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM), an optical fiber, division multiplexing, temperature controlling, thermosetting polymer