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등록 화상 처리 시스템에서의 제스처 인식 장치 및 방법

화상 처리 시스템에서의 제스처 인식 장치 및 방법
이미지 확대
윤호섭, 이재연, 김혜진, 지수영, 김도형
11778724 (2007.07.17)
20080019589 (2008.01.24)
8014567 (2011.09.06)
05MI1400, URC를 위한 내장형 컴포넌트 기술개발 및 표준화, 조영조
A method and apparatus for recognizing a gesture in an image processing system. In the apparatus, an input unit receives an image obtained by capturing a gesture of a user using a camera. A detector detects a face area in the input image, and detects a hand area in gesture search areas. The gesture search areas being set by dividing the image into predetermined areas with reference to a predetermined location of the detected face area. A controller sets the gesture search areas, determines whether a gesture occurs in the detected hand area, and selects a detection area with respect to the gesture to generate a control command for controlling an image device. A calculator calculates skin-color information and differential-area information for checking a gesture in the detected hand area. Accordingly, a hand area can be accurately detected, and a gesture can be separated from peripheral movement information, so that mal-functioning caused by gesture recognition can be reduced.
KSP 제안 키워드
Color information, Gesture recognition, Image processing, Image processing system, Processing system, controller sets(CSs), skin color