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등록 고균일도, 고효율의 전계 방출 장치

고균일도, 고효율의 전계 방출 장치
이미지 확대
정진우, 송윤호, 김대준
12279284 (2007.03.27)
20090058309 (2009.03.05)
8018169 (2011.09.13)
Disclosed is a field emission device. The field emission device includes: an anode substrate including an anode electrode formed on a surface thereof and a fluorescent layer formed on the anode electrode; a cathode substrate disposed opposite to and spaced apart from the anode substrate, and including at least one cathode electrode formed toward the anode substrate and a field emitter formed on each cathode electrode; and a gate substrate having one surface in contact with the cathode substrate, wherein the gate substrate include gate insulators surrounding the field emitters and having a plurality of openings exposing the field emitters, and a plurality of gate electrodes formed on the gate insulators around the openings and electrically isolated from one another. Thus, when the trajectories of the electron beams emitted from the emitters are rapidly changed over time by a voltage difference between the gate electrodes, an electron beam-scanned area can be expanded due to residual images and the electron beam can be more uniformly emitted due to an electron beam scattering effect and a linear beam spreading effect, resulting in improved emission uniformity of the fluorescent layer.
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