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등록 고화질 CMOS 이미지 센서 및 포토 다이오드

고화질 CMOS 이미지 센서 및 포토 다이오드
이미지 확대
강진영, 구진근, 이상흥
11872922 (2007.10.16)
20080105905 (2008.05.08)
7741665 (2010.06.22)
06MB1500, IT 융합기술인프라 구축, 구진근
Provided are a high-quality CMOS image sensor and a photo diode, which can be fabricated in sub-90 nm regime using nanoscale CMOS technology. The photo diode includes: a p-type well; an internal n-type region formed under a surface of the p-type well; and a surface p-type region including a highly doped p-type SiGeC epitaxial layer or a polysilicon layer deposited on a top surface of the p-type well over the internal n-type region. The image sensor includes: a photo diode including an internal n-type region and a surface p-type region; a transfer transistor for transmitting photo-charges generated in the photo diode to a floating diffusion node; and a driving transistor for amplifying a variation in an electric potential of the floating diffusion node due to the photo-charges. The image sensor further includes a floating metal layer for functioning as the floating diffusion node and applying an electric potential from a drain of the transfer transistor to a gate of the driving transistor.
KSP 제안 키워드
CMOS Technology, CMOS image sensor, Epitaxial layers, High-quality, Highly doped, Image Sensor, N-type, Photo diode, electric potential, floating metal, metal layer, nanoscale CMOS, p-Type