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등록 근거리 무선 통신을 이용한 가전기기 제어 장치 및 그 방법

근거리 무선 통신을 이용한 가전기기 제어 장치 및 그 방법
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11952270 (2007.12.07)
20080137572 (2008.06.12)
7957697 (2011.06.07)
06MH2800, 개방형 홈네트워크 프레임워크 기술 개발, 박광로
Provided are an apparatus and method for controlling home appliances using zigbee wireless communication. The apparatus, includes: a memory for storing a control profile and an operation program, and operating the stored operation program; a display means for supporting interface with a user; a display input/output control means for controlling input/output of the display means; a first wireless network interface for transmitting/receiving wireless data to/from home appliances based on zigbee wireless communication; and a control means for forming Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) with the home appliances based on the first wireless network interface, displaying a list of controllable home appliances based on device product information transferred from the home appliances through the WPAN, reading a control profile in the memory upon home appliances control request of the user, and transferring the control profile through the first wireless network interface.
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Input/output control, Output control, Personal Area Network, Product information, Wireless data, Wireless network, Wireless personal, Wireless personal area network(WPAN), ZigBee wireless communication, area network, home appliances, home appliances control, network interface, wireless communication