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등록 스타트 업 회로를 갖춘 LC Quadrature VCO

스타트 업 회로를 갖춘 LC Quadrature VCO
이미지 확대
변상진, 김천수
11644506 (2006.12.22)
20080079508 (2008.04.03)
7436266 (2008.10.14)
06MB2400, 초고속 무선네트워크 SoC, 김천수
Provided is an Inductor-Capacitor (LC) quadrature Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) having a startup circuit which can accurately select one of +90° and −90° as a phase difference between two clocks generated by the LC quadrature VCO by embodying the startup circuit therein by using a phase detector and a controller. The LC quadrature VCO includes a first LC tank for generating a second clock signal and a fourth clock signal, a second LC tank for generating a first clock signal and a third clock signal, a phase detector for receiving the clock signals from the first LC tank and the second LC tank, and detecting whether a phase difference between the clocks is +90° or −90°, and a controller for discriminating whether phase information detected by the phase detector is equivalent to a phase difference between clocks required by the external signal processing unit, and changing an operation mode of the first LC tank and/or the second LC tank on the basis of the discrimination result of the phase difference between the clocks.
KSP 제안 키워드
LC tank, Phase Difference, Phase information, Processing unit, Quadrature VCO, Signal Processing, Voltage controlled oscillator(VCO), clock signal, operation mode, phase detector(PD), voltage controlled