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등록 평판형도파로 열광학 소자

평판형도파로 열광학 소자
이미지 확대
김병휘, 박경현, 박만용, 윤현호
12517533 (2007.10.31)
20100119231 (2010.05.13)
8320763 (2012.11.27)
06MT1100, 초고속 광가입자망 기술개발, 김봉태
In the manufacture and application of a PLC-ECL type wavelength tunable light source, provided is a wavelength tunable mechanism with improved performance and stability, a light source with improved packaging performance and mass productivity, and a light source applied to a WDM-PON with initialization and stabilization functions. The wavelength tunable light source having a PLC (planar lightwave circuit)-ECL (external cavity laser) structure includes a first housing in which a semiconductor optical gain medium is mounted, a second housing in which a PLC device is mounted, and a third housing in which an optical fiber is mounted. The first, second, and third housings make an optical axis alignment through an optical coupling lens and combined in a laser welding method.
KSP 제안 키워드
Coupling lens, External cavity, External cavity laser, Gain medium, Light sources, Optical Gain, Optical axis, Optical coupling, Optical fiber, Planar lightwave circuit(PLC), Thermo-optic, Tunable mechanism, Wavelength tunable, Wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical network(WDM-PON), Welding method, an optical fiber, axis alignment, improved performance, laser welding, tunable light
패밀리 특허 목록
구분 특허 출원국 KIPRIS
등록 평판형 광도파로(PLC) 소자, 그 소자를 포함한 파장 가변 광원 및 그 광원을 이용한 WDM-PON 대한민국 KIPRIS
등록 평판형 광도파로(PLC) 소자, 그 소자를 포함한 파장 가변 광원 및 그 광원을 이용한 WDM-PON 대한민국 KIPRIS