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등록 이동통신 시스템에서 상향링크 동기화 요청 방법, 그에 따른 CDMA 할당 정보 요소 구조 및 그에 따른 장치

이동통신 시스템에서 상향링크 동기화 요청 방법, 그에 따른 CDMA 할당 정보 요소 구조 및 그에 따른 장치
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김성경, 임광재, 안지환, 윤철식
12304672 (2007.03.20)
20090190560 (2009.07.30)
8503404 (2013.08.06)
06MM1200, WiBro Evol. 표준화 기술 연구, 윤철식
The present invention relates to an uplink synchronization request method in a mobile communication system, a CDMA allocation information element structure thereof, and an apparatus using the same. For this purpose the uplink synchronization request method includes: when uplink traffic is generated, determining whether an uplink synchronization error occurs; when the uplink synchronization error occurs, calculating a timing adjustment value; and transmitting a bandwidth request code including the calculated timing adjustment value to a base station and performing a bandwidth request. According to the present invention, the PSS compares a reference adjustment value and an arrival time of a downlink preamble to calculate uplink synchronization timing and synchronize an uplink of the PSS that requests bandwidth allocation through a bandwidth request ranging process to thereby maximize resource use efficiency in the uplink synchronization.
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Arrival Time, Bandwidth request, Communication system, Information Element, Resource use, Synchronization error, Uplink synchronization, Use efficiency, bandwidth allocation, base station(BS), mobile communication, mobile communication system, timing adjustment