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등록 유기물/무기물 복합 박막 증착 방법 및 증착 장치

유기물/무기물 복합 박막 증착 방법 및 증착 장치
이미지 확대
안성덕, 강승열, 오지영, 김철암, 김기현, 서경수, 백규하, 유인규
11950606 (2007.12.05)
20080138517 (2008.06.12)
7799377 (2010.09.21)
06MB2300, Flexible 디스플레이, 조경익
Provided is a method for depositing an organic/inorganic thin film. The method includes: i) heating a source vessel containing an organic material and an inorganic material; ii) transferring a deposition gas to a process chamber; iii) distributing the deposition gas onto a substrate disposed in the process chamber; iv) purging the process chamber; v) heating an activating agent source vessel; vi) transferring a heat initiator gas phase to the process chamber; vii) distributing the heat initiator gas phase onto the organic or inorganic material monomer deposited on the substrate through the process chamber, and forming an organic/inorganic thin film; and viii) exhausting the heat initiator gas phase and purging the process chamber. Depositing the organic/inorganic thin film in a time-division manner, the thickness of the thin film can be accurately adjusted and the deposition can be uniformly performed when the thin film is deposited on a large-scale substrate.
KSP 제안 키워드
Activating agent, Deposition method, Inorganic material, Organic materials, Thin film deposition, film deposition, gas phase, large-scale, thin film(TF)