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등록 다차원 회선분배시스템, 운용방법 및 이를 이용한 통신망

다차원 회선분배시스템, 운용방법 및 이를 이용한 통신망
이미지 확대
정환석, 장순혁, 이상수, 김광준
12514977 (2006.12.06)
20100027996 (2010.02.04)
8155521 (2012.04.10)
06MT2600, ASON 기반의 메트로 광 회선 분배 기술개발, 김광준
Provided are a network node which has a wavelength switching cross-connection function and can thus interconnect paths of a wavelength-division-multiplexed optical signal and convert wavelengths, and an operating method of the network node. Accordingly, it is possible to provide a multi-degree cross-connection system having a simple structure at lower cost by allowing transmission of optical signals supposed not to be added/dropped at a network node without converting them into electrical signals and performing O/E conversion or E/O conversion only on optical signals supposed to be added/dropped at a network node. In addition, it is possible to increase the expandability of networks by regenerating degraded signals and which can effectively utilize bandwidths by grooming low-speed electrical digital hierarchy signals and transmitting them as high-speed optical signals. Moreover, it is possible to increase the availability of network resources by performing wavelength conversion without the need of additional wavelength converters. Furthermore, it is possible to prevent multiplexed optical signals from being degraded by filtering even when the multiplexed optical signals are not demultiplexed into wavelengths. Still furthermore, it is possible to perform a multicast operation on input wavelengths.
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Connection system, Electrical signal, High Speed, Lower cost, Network node, Network resources, Optical signal, Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM), Wavelength-division, communication network, low speed, optical communication networks, optical communications, simple structure, wavelength conversion, wavelength converter, wavelength switching