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이미지 확대
현은희, 조철회, 박용직
12443685 (2007.09.07)
20100077088 (2010.03.25)
8289892 (2012.10.16)
06MM1500, 3G Evolution 액세스 기술 개발, 김영진
Provided is a broadcast multicast service control system capable of distributively processing excessively given load under environments that have to offer MBMS service by linking with several mobile communication networks, and a control method thereof. The service control system provides a multimedia broadcast multicast service including a service announcement function of announcing service information, a security function of executing generation and distribution of keys for user authentication and information protection, and a proxy and transport function of transmitting/receiving control signals and traffics to/from a mobile communication network to provide the multimedia broadcast multicast service, and the service control system includes: a plurality of service control units, a load management unit, a service distribution policy management unit, and a processing load distribution policy management unit.
KSP 제안 키워드
Control Signal, Control systems, Distribution policy, Load distribution, Mobile communication networks, Multicast services, Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service(MBMS), Multimedia broadcast, Policy Management, Processing load, Security function, Service Information, Service announcement, Service control, Transport function, User Authentication, communication network, control method, information protection, load management, mobile communication, service distribution