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12513817 (2007.03.13)
20100020892 (2010.01.28)
8488705 (2013.07.16)
The present invention relates a symbol generation apparatus for multiple antennas having low receiving complexity and having flexibility with respect to an increase in the number of antennas. The symbol generation apparatus includes a plurality of space-time channel encoders respectively corresponding to a plurality of channels, and an inverse fast Fourier transformer group. The respective space-time channel encoders receive a digital-modulated symbol group from the corresponding channel, perform a space-time encoding operation with respect to a plurality of space areas and at least one time area, shift phases by using a plurality of phase values, and generate a plurality of phase-shifted space-time codewords. The inverse fast Fourier transformer group performs an inverse fast Fourier transform operation by using the plurality of phase-shifted space-time codewords in a plurality of subcarriers respectively corresponding to the plurality of channels, and generates a plurality of inverse fast Fourier transformed signals.
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Fast Fourier, Fast Fourier transform, Phase-shifted, Space time(ST), Time area, Time channel, fourier transform, inverse fast Fourier transform, multiple antennas, time encoding
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